The Countdown Begins: 214 Days Until Move

yes indeedy, folks. the boy + i will be making our way down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on August 31, 2013!

it is our intention to remain there for as long as we’re feelin’ it + for as long as it, in return, is welcoming towards us. it’s an exciting thing: choosing to move to a foreign country that you’ve only visited once through a cruise that wasn’t that spectacular of an experience to begin with…let’s be real, that’s almost no way to start a long term residency. others have started with much less, but i like to think that at least one overnight stay is required to make such a huge decision.

nevertheless, him + i are 100% stoked on this decision + cannot wait to begin our arduous journey. yes, boys + girls. the trip to Mexico is indeed quite arduous. from passports to visas, transporting four animals (yes, you read that. and yes, we’re doing it.) to buying a new vehicle. car insurance, health insurance, hotel stays + renting a long term home or apartment (no we haven’t decided yet. GOSH.), all of the sparkling awesomeness of our adventure will be captured on The Wandering Whim.

my love for Mexico began long long ago, back in the way far away when I was but a middle schooler (yes 25 is old. and yes it does feel like a┬ámillennium ago). i remember watching Spanish diction videos in Spanish class where, say, sonia and, say, ricardo, meet in a school courtyard to discuss their next class, or what they ate for lunch…which, i’m assuming is what all middle schooler’s talk about, right? either way, i remember LOVING those videos. truly my favorite part of Spanish class. and when i grew up and finally got the chance to take an excursion, albeit a short one, to Mexico, i found that the videos did not disappoint.

the streets dazzled with colors and sunshine! everyone you meet is pleasant, helpful + surprisingly good at English (I mean seriously, the most random individual on the sidewalk can speak conversational English…i guess i’m the only one who didn’t realize how universal English was becoming? huh? is that it? liar.).

at a young age, i found that i had a deep interest in Hispanic culture + history from the get go and probably, largely, because of those videos. from the colors to the smells, the holidays and traditions, the friendly + neighborly demeanors (Spiderman would be proud!), Mexico beckoned to me early on and I haven’t yet appeased her call.

so, on August 31, 2013, the boy + i will finally be accepting our destiny. we will finally make the move to Mexico! and what’s more? we’ve already chosen our first new hometown:

Puerto Vallarta

Photo Courtesy of:

i know right?! how exciting is that?! i can hardly believe it myself, but there you have it! Puerto Vallarta, here we come.

now, for your sake + for sheer entertainment value, i will be documenting our entire journey, from today onward, through this blog (duh, tiffany, we know.); however, so will winston (MySOBStory). and you can read either of them, or neither! since we also have our baby: A Life Less Traveled as well. three ways, they’re the best.

we’ll be taking you along with us, to the DMV + the INM, for passports, visas, car insurance + vet visits. updates all day, every day up til, during + after we’ve moved!

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